Icicle/C7 Connection

Hello, all.(Newbie alert!) My apologies if this has been answered before… I couldn’t find it. On my Win8 PC, Cubase 7 doesn’t see my new “Icicle” Inline XLR/USB mic signal converter (‘Blue’ technologies). My research so far, indicates that ‘Icicle’ is supposed to be Plug ‘n’ Play - requiring no drivers - and no docs came with the product. The default soundcard on the PC connects with the Icicle seamlessly, but Cubase doesn’t seem to display or even list its input anywhere. So …what am I missing? Thx in advance.

Cubase contrary to windows uses ASIO driver. If your audio hardware does not come with it´s own, you need to use generic ones, therfore your interface is not listed by name.

I quite often use ASIO4ALL which presents and ASIO driver to Cubase and allows low-latency connection through to a non-ASIO device. But it can be a bit fiddly… In fact, that’s what I use on my laptop to record rehearsals using my USB zoom hd3 recorder to save me having to transfer from the SD card! It works well once it’s set up.


So… you’re saying that neither my Windows default ASIO nor my Yamaha-Steinberg ASIO drivers are compatible with this particular 3rd party product - is that right? I’ll give the ASIO4all a try… many thx.

It’s more that the device manufacturer must supply their own ASIO drivers which Cubase then connects to.

However, if have Generic Low Latency ASIO or Direct X ASIO drivers too, then I think you can use these by setting the default playback device to your required output. All your windows sounds will also come through there as well, but this can be set to ‘No Sounds’. The downside of this is usually that the latency is massive, hence calling on ASIO4ALL because it provides low latency.


Ok, ASIO4ALL did the trick… Thx for the clarification, too.