iCloud Drive compatibility

Will Cubasis be compatible with iCloud Drive? Then it would be easy to shuttle audio files back and forth between Cubase and Cubasis.


iCloud Drive is not supported by Cubasis so far. I suggest Dropbox instead, which works quite good with the export function in Cubasis and the desktop tool on your PC.


Thanx, but I didn’t ask if it was compatible. I was asking if it will be!

Dropbox isn’t comparable with iCloud Drive. iCloud Drive is an integrated part of OSX/iOS, Dropbox isn’t. Ignoring iCloud Drive would be a huge mistake by Steinberg.


it is on our future feature list… :wink:


Saying that we currently do not support a feature does not necessarily mean we ignore it!

I didn’t say you did, either. On the other hand, Steinberg has a history of implementing features in such a way that they become incompatible with the rest of the world.