iCloud drive files get littered with numbered suffixes

As I’m working on on a file I keep getting redundant copies of iCloud files, for example this morning working on the iPad when I backed out to hub I found this

I was working on the version (auto) saved at 6:41AM, however when I exited looks like it saved it to a new file with a 2 suffix. I verified that the file is not being opened anywhere else.

Previously I was having this problem and it was saving many versions which I cleared out, this was probably due to opening it on multiple devices/desktops (it seemed to be hit or miss if I got a multiple edit notification), so I stopped doing that, however I’m still getting phantom files. The autosave with the final exit save appears to show that it thought the working copy was the original, but for some reason on exit decided to create a new version.

Unfortunately I can’t tell why this might be happening. So far as I know, when Dorico creates a new filename to avoid overwriting an existing file that it doesn’t think it should overwrite, it appends a string to the name consisting of the current date and time, which makes me wonder whether Dorico itself is doing this, or whether iCloud Drive on your Windows computer might be doing it?

If I remember it correctly this is a feature of iCloud drive. It writes files with numbers if there is another file with the same name. I found an old discussion about this, but no real documentation. May be it helps anyway.


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