iCloud, Mac, PC, iPad - no problem!

I noticed a number of questions as to how cross platform D4 is now - small report that the team nailed it! I have two studios (Mac/Composing and PC/mastering) and an iPad, with the multi-seat licensing system I’ve got a desktop & laptop Win 10, a Mac, and an iPad and since I’m working from home am all over the place with these. But as long as you remember where you last edited it, Dorico seamlessly switches platforms with iCloud keeping it all in sync. And the brilliant Expression Maps system just works with whatever you have set up on the computer/tablet.

Congratulations to the team!. I’m not seeing any issues.

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Doesn’t the iPad still have to work off a copy in its sandboxed folder, rather than iCloud Drive?

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Oh sure - minor thing in my book. For me it’s little different from using version control which I do on all my files. Check out - edit - check in.

Thanks Dan, that’s almost exactly my setup (though mine is on much humbler scale), so it’s good to know it all works.

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One usability note - it’s common for applications to have a “File → Revert …” option to reload from disk - D4 doesn’t have this. So if you have an instance running on another node you need to close it and reload to get the changes.

Also, interesting observation. I had created a custom paragraph style on a PC and made it “Default” (star) so it shows up across projects. But I didn’t use it in the particular project AFAIK. But over on the Mac it shows up, doesn’t recognize the font and offers a dialog to select a backup. Pretty neat! Checking paragraph styles it shows up there now, but not as a default. I think I might have used it, but then ended up deleting the usage of it, but it still had it tagged as “used in file”

This addresses one issue with cross platform, which is moving things around. Just load up a project with a bunch of settings and it appears you can import them from that on another machine. For the templates, I imagine you’d just go through and load up example projects created on one platform, and save again as a template on another.