Icon bug in Windows

Hi there,
Just wanted to report a GUI problem I’m having in Windows 10.

All buttons/icons appear to be stretched for some reason. Any hints on how/if this can be fixed would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Had this as well. Restarting the programm helped…

We do see this from time to time. It’s frustrating because it’s difficult to reproduce (though some people seem to see it more than others).

Normally, simply quitting Dorico and restarting fixes it. If you find that doesn’t sort the problem out, you can also manually install the Dorico-Icons.ttf font from inside the Dorico application folder (in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico) into the Windows Fonts folder, though note that you will probably have to repeat that process after each Dorico update, as we try to use the UI font directly from within the application folder to avoid the usual sorts of problems you get when trying to update installed fonts with newer ones on Windows.

Thanks for the quick reply. I just restarted my computer and the issue seems to have resolved.

Had the same issue with Windows 10 which remained after a restart. Went to Settings and View Installed Fonts to see if the Dorico icons were installed (shortcut is there) and just double clicked the shortcut to open the Dorico font. Closed it, went back to Dorico and now is Ok. Seem to remember a similar issue with the Cubase Score editor a few years ago where the score icons were incorrect until you opened the relevant font folder.

I have the same issue. The DoricoIcons-Regular was in the windows font folder (spelled Dorico Icons Regular)and a restart didn’t help.
Then I copied the same font from the Doricofont folder and all was well until this morning when the problem was back. A restart helped this time. Wierd…

This this thread for an update.