Icon P1-M to Cubase - Plug-in parameters not matching the rotation (encoders)

Hi Everyone.

So while using the Icon P1-M with Cubase 12 connected to the Mackie Control, I experience that the plug-in parameters within Cubase don’t quite match to the movement of how I rotate the encoders. In fact, when turning the encoder really fast, the parameter almost stands completely still. However if I use the “flip” function and instead use the faders for control, the plug-in parameters responds much more natural to the movement of my hands.

To compare, I’ve connected the Icon P1-M via the midi remote. When doing this, the plug-in parameters match much more accurately to how I rotate the encoders.

Is this due to Icon’s engineering or is this an issue within Cubase?

I’ve got the Icon Qcon Pro x and one Pro XS expander. The rotary encoders on these units sound just the same as your unit: the amount they affect the plug-in parameters varies with the speed of rotation, They work, but are not accurate. My guess is that this is an Icon hardware/firmware issue.


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@plectrumboy I assume this as well. I will be sending an email to Icon shortly and ask them as well.

Other than this issue, how do you like the P1-M?

I’m considering. Looks like good value.
Does track selection follow well in Cubase and vice versa?
(this seems to be a known Mackie control protocall limitation).

Hello @Taino
I actually plan on doing a full video review of the unit since I can not find any review really, also at the same time making some statements that I think Icon should adapt to, hard to explain here.
In short I recommend it but not whole heartedly. This is due to my experience with the company and how they have been communicated with things. It is a “first impression issue”. I will cover it in the video when I make it uhm. Not sure when I’ll get the time but hopefully within 2 weeks.

Track selection wise - all it does not do I guess is that the faders will not change as you select channel with the mouse on your computer. Having the unit in “eq mode/plugin-mode” or whatever you would call it, it follows it well I think. Occasionally when changing channel banks on the unit, some faders does not always refresh to the new volume value, meaning you have to either hit “flip” to make it “find” the value, or simply switch banks back and fourth so it refreshes correctly.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing that review. No pressure. Lol.

Since I’m on this quest, I’ve been reading a lot of posts and it seems Icon’s customer service is definitely less than stellar. I was hoping after all this time, they got it right with their new units.

I would avoid them , but I have to admit, the units are really compelling visually and the materials look robust. More so than the X-Touch IMO.

I’m wondering if our desires can be met by reprogramming the units using Steinberg remote midi and avoiding the now ancient Mackie protocol all together.

I know of at least one X-Touch user that was able to get the colored scribble strips and the channel follow to work as intended. They used remote midi and some Java script.
But that’s another topic.

I like the P1-M a lot despite its faults :slight_smile: - I have not encountered the faders not updating yet? And the Mackie Control implementation is quite complete I’d say, most of the Remote Control Device document is working on the P1-M.

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if you switch channel banks pretty quickly, your faders still update accordingly consistently? I am happy for you if it does, but for me if I let’s sas move 6 banks left quickly, I can notice sometimes how the faders do not update accordingly.

I’ve had my QCon Pro X and Pro XS for years. My experience with ICON has been that it might have taken them a while, but they did keep improving the software and apart from the rotary encoders not being accurate (although still useable) I really like the units. I‘m not a power user but things like having sixteen mute buttons instantly available to play about with an arrangement is really useful. The units are I think built like tanks and I‘ve never had a hardware issue. After the first year or so of software bugs I‘ve become an ICON fan.


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Review is up!