Icon Platform M - Any users? Need feedback


I really need a Daw controller with motorized faders. The new Icon Platform M has 9x Motorfaders (8x channel, 1x Master) and its price is about 285 euros. Anyone using Platform M with Cubase? Before buying, I really like some feedback from existing users (if any …). How is the integration with Cubase? Its comparable to Nektar Panorama’s? Icon has a “Quick-Setup” driver that is available for Cubase, Nuendo, Reason and Bitwig for instant plug & play feature.


One of their new controllers I read that they were issues with. I can’t remember which one it was. I looked on their site but for the life of me I can’t remember. If you’re buying it from a distributor to check the return policy. They look really affordable and if it works it could be a deal. If not just return it

There’s some stuff on gearslutz about this unit.

Thank you.

I now have a Platform M with the display as well - and I do like it, but there is one particular issue which I haven’t yet got around to addressing.
That is that the firmware update utility software is unfortunately only available in pc format and I haven’t got a pc. Three macbook pros, a Mac Pro and assorted iPads but no pc - and I can’t really be bothered to run a VM just for this, but I might end up doing that. (Mac coming soon according to the website)
So what happens is that although it reportedly does have an easy setup for Cubase - if you read the instructions there is apparently a “fork in the road” with respect to Cubase 8 - and whether your Cubase is before or after this release. (Mine is Cubase 8.5) So when I select Cubase on the Platform M it doesn’t work at all.
Now this ‘before / after v8’ dialog doesn’t appear for me (because of the firmware update required - I checked with Icon support and was told this is the case) - but it does work after a fashion in generic mode (with Mackie protocol) but the ninth fader doesn’t operate and the LEDs in the display don’t show you as much as they should.

But having got my mini moan out of the way the Platform M is very tactile, feels a little like a Digidesign Pro Tools desk to the touch - and what’s really nice is that the sensitivity and speed of the faders is user adjustable.
I only frankly intend to use it for mixer functions (I use something else for plugin automation etc…) so it should be perfect for the job.

I’m very pleased with the purchase (or hope I will be when it’s all sorted!) and it’s already an indispensable part of my DAW setup.

I’ve bought Icon platform m+ before month ago and have problem from day 1. When I run heavy projects in C9.5 it freezes every few minutes, then I need to switch it off and reset it. It is very annoying so I decided to return it.

I don’t know if it is cubase or Icon problem, but if something has to leave it would be Platfom M+ :slight_smile: . Not to mention that I have not get any answer on my questions from Icon. Very dissapointing.

A bit late … but thank you all.