Icon Platform M+ MIDI Remote - should work with any MCU based controller

Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this. You’ve done a wonderful job with your script.

My problem is that the D2 screen is just so ugly and antiquated in general. Hardly worth the full $200 that it costs brand new, and I haven’t been able to find anyone selling it used or refurbished without the entire platform unit.

If there was a way to display this info on a separate screen or on my main screen instead, I would 100% go for it. If you had a system like that working, I would happily pay for all your work if you had a donation link.

@m.c use of a custom cubase window running in a narrow but wide display with the midi remote surface customised into it is an interesting approach. Can use the display for other things too.

Hi! @robw
I am a total noobie at all of this regarding MCU, MIDI Controller, scripts etc.
I’ve posted in another thread wondering about if its possible to make my encoders on my Icon P1-M adjust values more finely.
Somewhere in the discussion someone mentioned that I could perhaps use a script for the Icon Plaform M/M+ to make it work. Is this something you know of?
I know that it says "should work with any MCU based Controller, and I think my Icon P1-M is MCU Based?

Hi @vagglyren,

I imagine the P1-M works the same way (though it looks like a much nicer unit!) given the MCU protocol. The encoders a “rate of turn” sensitive and the MIDI Remote API with the correct scripting (which from memory is the default settings for a PushEncoder) will honour that. I just tested it again to be sure on my Platform M+ and sure enough if I turn slowly and consistently my “Pan” value goes up in one’s if I increase the rate of turn it will go up in much larger increments.

If you point my script at your P1-M midi ports chances are the Mixer Page will simply work for the bits that are the same and you can try the same experiment.


@robw Interesting!
As mentioned I am a rookie at this, apologies in advance

In. my mind if I use your script entirely as it is, it could potentially change things that I do not want changed? Let’s say I only want this rate of turn feature, can I then only apply this to my unit and everything else works normally?

@vagglyren The MIDI Remote script will not change anything on your device. You can add it and remove it via Cubase MIDI Remote and there will be nothing changed.


So It did connect and I assume it works. Now if it works as intended I do not know. Because when I pan slowly, the pan values are changed by 2. So if I start from the center its 0, 2, 4 ,6 etc.
Is this accurate?

My Platform M+ goes up in single digits when turned slowly, 2 if slightly faster. Maybe the P1-M doesn’t have the slowest speed. Cubase is simply responding to the relative midi event the encoder sends. So it’s not the script nor cubase. You could try adding a midi monitor and grab the CC message being sent as it might shed light on what the minimum is for the P1-M

@vagglyren Looks like Icon have a firmware update directly related to encoders on the P1-M. See the firmware release notes on the download page here: P1-M - Icon Pro Audio

I am in the middle of a re-installment. I will get back to you when things are back up and running, thank you.

Hello everyone,

i use “Icon_Platform Mplus v3 beta” on Windows 10 with Nuendo 12 and it works without any problems. Thanks for the script, the use of the ICON platform M+ is now so much bigger, it’s just fantastic.

I would like to change an assignment, namely that of the Eq. I would like the two subpages to be divided differently. In such a way that the first four faders are assigned to the first band (on/off, gain, frequency, Q-Factor) and so forth. So always in blocks of four, i.e. 2 bands per side.

It worked for the first subpage, unfortunately I can’t assign the second one and I don’t know how I could do that.

It is also a shame that the names are not taken over if they are assigned differently. I would probably have to change that in the script, right?

So actually I have two questions, how can I set up the second EQ subpage and how can I change the names.

Oh, and what tool can I use to view the script and make changes?

Thanks in advance

I assume that you used the mapping assistant to change the mapping.

Unfortunately, i’ve experienced the same issue. The mapping assistant will not account for subpages and instead overwrite the mapping for the whole page.

As for the display following the remapped control, it depends on the script setup.

So to do what you want you might need to modify the script a little bit.



Hello Thomas,

thanks for the quick answer.
Can you tell me which tool I need to call and save the script? Preferably something simple.

Well any text editor would do really. But a development oriented editor would ease the task by providing text sublimation. I use Visual Studio Code, that’s the one advised by Steinberg.

OMG, this looks amazing!

My Icon Audio controller was taking dust, but tonight I’ve decided to set them up again, and I just found this page. I’m so happy.

Question: I have a platform M+, and 3 platform X+ connected on my rig.
Will it work? or do I have to find another script for my hardware?

Hi @Gus84,

the script by @robw does not support extenders. @robw and I have been cooperating on a M+/X+ script variant over at cubase-mcu-midiremote which works with extenders, but does not have any of the fancy mappings of @robw’s script yet (just standard MCU sruff). We’re not yet sure about the mapping approach with extenders. Anyway, I’ll include the M+/X+ script variant in the next release (presumably in a couple of days).


Oh great!

As I understand, for now this script is nothing different than setting up my devices as mackie control in cubase?
But you plan on releasing a real script dedicated to platform M+/X+ ?

If I can be of any help it would be a pleasure.

At the moment, I’m using my devices in this order:
platform X+1 / platform M+ / platform X+2 / platform X+3.

I’ve just discovered than the order you put the device in cubase dictate the order on the mix console (you have to add them from right to left) and now that they are in the correct order I’m pretty happy with their basic fonctions.

But I would love to have differents “pages” to tweak my plugins, or the sends, etc…

Looking forward for your release.

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Hi at all.

first of all, many thanks to @robw for that perfect job.
I´ve installed the script for my ICON Platform Nano Controller.

In generally it works perfect (speceally the Jog Wheel :slight_smile: ),

The NANO Control only have one Fader with the corresponding Knobs, and for that i’ve remapped them to “actual Track …”. That also works fine. But now my questions.

The Nano Control have 5 seperat Areas you can select for customizing mappings, is it possible to edit the Surface of your script to remove the no needed Knobs and add the Knobs i need for my NANO Control.

Sry for my english (i´m a german one :slight_smile: ) but i hope you understand me.

Thanks for you Support