Icon qcon pro g2- bus in mixconsole

Today I tested the controller, but it does not recognize the mixconsole input buses, the audio channels do, but the buses do not.
I work with hardware instruments via MIDI and I do the mixing with the input buses, but as I say, the icon does not recognize these.
Has this happened to anyone and managed to solve it?
thank you!!


Do you use it as Mackie Control device or as MIDI Remote?

Yes, in fact, as I told you before, with the audio channels it works perfectly, but it does not recognize the input bus channels… these channels are also audio, but the sound card input channels, I don’t understand why icon does not recognize them to be able to mix with them

Sorry, is a Makie control device, midi in and midi out “icon qcon pro g2”


The Mackie Control is specified like this in Cubase. It skips the Input busses.

Omg!! And is there a way to control the input buses with the icon table?


On the forum, you can find Mackie emulation MIDI Remote script for Cubase 12. If this is also skiping the Inputs, you can easily modify the script to include them.

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Uffff goodness… jejejeje, is there a tutorial to do this?
thank you!!


Maybe it will work “out of the box”.

excuse me I do not understand…


I don’t know exactly, how is the Mackie emulation implemented in the MIDI Remote. Maybe the Inputs are included, so you don’t have to do anything.

Does it mean that they are included but canceled or commented (as in programming language) and you just have to activate them again?
This would be in “studio configuration”??

Hi, please notify the user who created the script to check if it already includes the buses and if not, which things to change.
I would personally install the script right away, and then if it doesn’t support (yet) the buses), I would get in touch with the developer via the dedicated thread :slight_smile:

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Yes, I had thought about contacting icon to see if they provide the solution

Nope, we were referring to an unofficial script.
Here’s a link: iCON QCon Pro G2 (+Extender) MIDI Remote Script


Oh!! Thnx u so much!!! I work it <3

I have downloaded the script and modified it, but since I work with hardware instruments through MIDI, I also put the midi channels in the mixing console, what I don’t understand is why I put two channels for each midi channel, I deduce that I put one channel audio linked to that midi channel. The problem is that I had all the channels messed up on the mixer and I only wanted the input busses, so I modified the script by overriding the midi channels that I don’t need to control with the mixer, just to create the midi mapping…
Thnx u so much to all!!! <3

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