Icon Qcon pro X Master leds meter

What exactly are you asking for? Really, it’s up to them to get it working, not SB.

I might agree with you if it wasn’t for the fact (already quoted that all other meters work) If icon can get all other meters working then they must have all had there brains transported out of their heads to some distant universe some where just as they were working on the master fader. The point being, if they can work out the other meters but not the master then there must be a problem on Steinbergs end.

I’m sure icon will sort it out by asking Steinberg to get their act together and sort this. This is not just a Steinberg problem as other DAWs don’t work either.

I am sure there is something what SB must do/enable to get this working. Some DAWs make this to work … I expect from SB to investigate and allow this features because this controllers is new on the market. I believe that if steniberg do this for their customers ?

I was wandering, does the dual display work in Cubase/Mackie MCU mode??
I’ve read somewhere that the dual display looks nice, but is not always supported??

I follow the thread, it’s interesting. I wish there’s a way to have a working meter on the master channel.

I spoke to tech support at Qcon on Friday and was told that the master fader now works for every DAW except Cubase/Nuendo. They are waiting for Steinberg. Ironic, given that Cubase users are the ones who don’t need a special template as everything is already labelled for Cubase.

I can personally confirm that the master meter on the Icon Qcon Pro X does NOT work on Reaper or Studio One either (running firmware v1.14, latest firmware as of this post). Also note that those DAW’s output the master meter to other control surfaces with no problem via the Mackie Protocol. This is not a Steinberg problem at all. This is definitely an Icon problem.

After 2 month from the latest update, no news at all… The firmware v1.15 doesn’t fix the lack of master meter.

Today I finally got my Qcon Pro-X & XS, and as it seems the bottom display isn’t supported??
Not sure if this is a limitation of the Mackie Protocol, as the unit seems to be Cubase ready.

The bottom display is useless. “ch1 ch2 ch3…”. It doesn’t make any sense.

From the Icon site:
“The Lower LCD Display On My Pro X Doesn’t Bank…
This is typical behavior for the QCon Pro X. The lower LCD display is designed to be used with the QCon Pro XS extender to help coordinate the order of units and tracks to allow users to arrange their units in any order they’d prefer. “

That’s pretty useless, you’d set this up once, and you can rearrange this in Cubase as well.

To clarify what is going on with the QCon Pro X:

  1. The QCon Pro X uses the MCU protocol.
  2. This (pretty old) protocol does NOT support master LEDs or a 2nd display.
  3. Icon extended the MCU protocol so you can address the 2nd display and the master LEDs.

The only DAW which currently supports these Icon extensions is Bitwig Studio. With all other DAWs the 2nd display and master LEDs simply do nothing.

To make it work with Cubase either Icon or Steinberg need to implement these extensions. It cannot be “fixed” with a firmware update.

Steinberg can publish their SDK to the public so we can get a community driver, or a driver from Icon without that they have to sign NDA’s with Yamaha/Steinberg.

There is a lot of things that can be done to improve remotes in cubase. But I it will compete with Nuage so I think Yamaha is stopping that from happen.

I just bought a Qcon Pro-X + extender.
That´s absolutly not competing with Nuage… 1 Nuage fader pack is about 10x more expensive than my Qcon set…

Most people buy functionality. A daw controller is a box with knobs, displays etc. They control the functionality of cubase if is a thousand dollar knob or one dollar knob does not really matter for that. (Yes there could be huge other aspects as quality, resolution, durability etc)
And if it cost a tenth of Nuage the price point will be a problem for Yamaha if they could do the same functions; and all the functions are within cubase so why should they not?

So you’re saying Steinberg would rather not support any other controller?? Come on, like because of that I would go and spend close to €20k on a basic Nuage set?? http://www.pro-audio-store.com/top/mischpulte/digital/yamaha-nuage.php
Unless I would turn professional or win the lottery, I won’t buy it in a million years, so no, it’s not competition. :frowning:
If they would release a Houston 2, that would be competition.

Nuage is much, much more than a controller, and is zero competition for any other hardware. It’s price starts at 20,000 USD, fer cripes sake.

Nice, a controlled bending of spacetime for 20,000 USD is quite cheap. In my opinion it is a yamaha sound card in the same colour as a Nuage controller, without magic.

They have limited support for some hardware that more or less is the same as what they supported when yamaha bought steinberg. Lot of new functions have been added to cubase since then, and many are related to mixer functions than have NOT been added to the existing controllers. But I dont say that you should not buy a Nuage. It is like comparing a Volkswagen car with a Ferrari. You put petrol in a hole, and the device take you from point A to point B. There problem here is that Steinberg let the Ferrari run on a highway, but the VW have to run on goat road. Let them run on the same road and the difference becomes a lot smaller.