ICON Qcon pro x with Cubase 8.5

I sucessfully connected my new ICON Qcon pro x controller to Cubase using the Mackie protocol. The controller seems to work fine but when I hit the play button the controller works very badly. When I move a fader 3-5 secondes later the fader actually moves in Cubase.

When I stop the music the controller comes back after a few seconds (it seems that it has to process stuff). The MIDI IN light on the controller is buring a few seconds (it seems that it receives a lot of data)

I have hooked the controller to an other programm then Cubase. The controller works fine then.

Am I missing something?

Hi and welcome,

What exactly does it mean “play button the controller works very badly”? In which manner?

Could you describe your settings in Cubase? Maybe some screenshots of Devices > Device Setup > Mackie Control would help.

I have upgraded the firmware and everything seems to work fine now.

Thank you for replying on my post.