Icon request for controller

I have a strange request for PG.
I ordered this controller (Stream Deck | elgato.com) which has small lcd screens for icons/shortcuts.
Simply said, you can add shortcuts/buttons with an image (check this youtube movie How I use my Elgato Stream Deck w/ my FULL PRODUCTION SUITE (Adobe, OBS, etc.)! 4k 60FPS Guide - YouTube.
I want to use the buttons for example for bypass mastersection, fadein, fadeout, insert silence, smart bypass etc, mono etc.
I tried to use the icons form a screenshot of wavelab itself, but the resolution is too low.
is it possible to share the icons in higher resolution so that I can use them for adding to the buttons? The buttons are 72x72 pixels

Interesting device. In next WaveLab version, you will get higher resolution icons to screenshot-copy.

I’m working with this thing as we speak and it’s great! Cool to have dedicated buttons fo shortcuts with an icon for it.
I did some photoshopping (not an hero with that, it’s not audio…haha) and it worked out nicely with downloaded icons.
This is what it looks like right now Da Goose Mastering on Instagram: "#incontrol #mastering #streamdeck #nob #nobcontrol"
Still I would be interested in getting the real icons though :slight_smile: