Iconica and Dorico Pro 4

I downloaded Iconica Trial Version. I want to use this for Dorico Pro 4. Are there expressionmaps for Iconica/Dorico? Are there tutorial videos for Iconica with Dorico? I can only find the standalone videos that work with a keyboard. Dorico doesn’t work well with Iconica for me: after PIZZ (and ALLA CHITARRA) ARCO is ignored and the violins play the rest exclusively pizzicato. With LEGATO and SUSTAIN the dynamics (p, f) are respected, but not anymore after PIZZ (and ALLA CHITARRA). In Iconica I select the Violins 1 Standard. As an expression map I use the HSO Violins Combi. Iconica sounds great, but not (yet) with Doirico. What am I doing wrong?

have a look here: https://blog.dorico.com/2020/12/iconica-sections-players-templates/.
This might help.

Although @John_at_Steinberg has done an expression map and template for Iconica (as linked above) in Dorico, Iconica is, strictly speaking, not specifically design for Dorico use and presumably works a lot better in Cubase.

Ulhati: Thanks for your answer, but that’s not the solution. When I use the template in my project, I don’t hear any sound. When I try to edit an instrument or an end-point configuration, Dorico crashes.
Derrek: Thanks for your answer. Is there a library similar to Iconica for Dorico? And can I upgrade from Dorico Pro to Cubase or do I have to buy everything there again?

The sound output could be related to the wrong audio output chosen in Edit > Device Setup. Do you get sound from the default Dorico sounds or any other library?

If the audio output is correct then are the Iconica sounds loading when you use the playback template?

Are you getting any error messages before Dorico crashes when alternating endpoint configurations? Or does it just close the application?

John_at_Steinberg Thanks for your answer. I do not change the device settings. I see Halion 7 loading Iconica instruments for my project. On playback, these instruments sound bad. After loading the Iconica template via Play-PlayBack Template

  • select Iconica - and Apply-and-Close, I hear no sound. Dorico then uses 94% of the memory (16 GB) and the computer hangs. I have to turn it off and restart it.

Realize that the Iconica template takes a long time to load because of the size of the library.

I’ve not actually tried the template in HALion 7, but if you want to send me your project I’ll have a look and see why it doesn’t load or how much memory it’s using etc.

I had to extend the memory allocation of the Halion instrument to get mine to fully load. I think I raised it to 10G or something like that. After that, it worked fine. However, each time I load it, I have to adjust the memory allocation. So you might try that.

I found it worked best on a second computer using VE Pro. Once setup, it was all working fine. I haven’t used it for a while but I’ll have to go back and explore it more as there are some good sounds in there!

Derrek, John and Synergy, thanks for your answer. Iconica (template) uses 10 GB of memory. It turns out that all instruments are loaded from a section in Halion7, while I only need a few. Perhaps this can be done differently?
Iconica Woodwinds: 4 instruments, Iconica Brass: 2 instruments, Iconica Pitched Percussion: 1 instrument, Iconica Strings: 4 instruments. In addition, The Grand 3 is also loaded. I can’t send my project as an attachment (too large). Maybe via email or file transfer? So you can see if everything works correctly. It seems to me that it should be possible to load only those instruments that I need.

IIRC One can load individual instruments from Iconica, but clearly John could not make an expression map or template for each of the innumerable combinations thereof.

Still, no question the Iconica samples are larger than some others. If one starts with the HSO Playback Template (or makes one’s own) and the adds the Iconica instruments individually, the total file size is much smaller.