Iconica and solo instruments

In John’s Discover Dorico video earlier today he mentions that Iconica does not include solo strings. I am a newbie when it comes to orchestral sample libraries but assumed the following statement on Steinberg’s Iconica page means that solo as well as section samples are included:
“Iconica Sections & Players provides single instruments and instrumental sections across the orchestra.”
Am I misunderstanding something? For example, do solo instruments require separate samples from single instruments?

There are solo sounds for wind and brass instruments, but not for string instruments. You can refer to the product documentation for comprehensive information about the included sounds.

This is disappointing. I would have been very interested in Iconica if it could act as a single source for sounds produced by orchestral instruments including, for example, solo violin parts in an orchestral piece or the occasional string quartet.

The lack of solo trings means Iconica is simply not suitable for a first all-in-one orchestral library. Imagine the interest if they were present! Iconica Opus + Cubase expression maps would be appealing to many.

This is a quite remarkable decision by Steinberg imho.