Iconica - Available, but cart is empty

In the shopping area, Iconica has the green Available tag.
I click on Add to Cart which opens a window that say my cart is empty. ???

As a test, I added a USB eLicenser and Simon Phillips Jazz drums to my cart, no problem.

Looks like I’m going to miss the July 11th special pricing.
Too bad!

Mabye Iconica will be on sale in the future.

I tried to buy it as well on the 11th and I get the same thing, available but cart is empty…something is wrong.

Thanks for confirming this.

Maybe the sale will be extended.

The Add to Cart function is now working, but at the full price even though it’s still listed at the special launch price.

Looks like the cut off time was based on Central European Summer Time. My attempt to purchase on July 11th at around 9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time was already too late.

Fair enough.

I received a response from a support email I had sent yesterday, as i tried to buy it all day (even before the cut off time).
Apparently there was a technical problem with the shopping cart that prevented the completion of the sale, there’s no mention of the special launch price and whether or not they will apply it now.
I guess they don’t really need my $699 that much…

To me, it seems reasonable that a known technical issue with the cart would result in an extension of the special pricing time frame.

I’m not sure what to make of this siutation.


You’d think.