Iconica Ensemble question

Last minute sale purchase thoughts:

I’m looking at Iconica Ensemble – it has a “Strings Low Ensemble” instrument of Celli and Basses. Can anyone confirm whether they play in octaves, or just one pitch?

A combined instrument where the Basses play an octave down from the Celli would be really useful.

I don’t know the answer to the Iconica question, but if you need this kind of patch then you could create the same effect by adding a new instance of HSSE and loading separate patches for celli and basses and setting them both to channel one and routed to the same audio output. You probably wouldn’t be able to use keyswitches because they might be different for each patch, but if you are just wanting more of a ‘pad’ effect then it might be enough. Once you’ve created this HSSE patch you can then use it within an Endpoint configuration and playback template.

Thanks, Paul, but I’d want the Basses down an octave, and the Cellos at pitch. (In other words, how they would both normally play from the same Bass part.)

There is a Double Bass + Celli octave sample in HSO, but it’s the wrong way round – the Cellos are up the octave, and the Basses play at pitch. I could add the transposition in the Ex map, I suppose…
(Also, it doesn’t have any KS options.)

You can still do that: inside HSSE you can specify the transposition for each patch


Oooh: actually, the Double Bass Combi seems to be an octave down anyway! I’m sure I tried before and couldn’t get it to work.

Well, that’s saved me £130!

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