Iconica expression controller

Hello everyone
I’m just getting to know Iconica.
The old HSO had the option of sound level controlled by the velocity setting or by the modulation wheel. You could change from one to another on the HSO instrument’s “home screen” in the bottom left corner, where there was a dialogue box called Expression Controller. Like this…

Do the Iconica instruments have something similar? Coz I’m not finding it.


Thanks, Steve
Good of you to reply. But my Iconica panel doesn’t look the same as yours.
It looks like this

I looked at the manual. But the load pages (on pages 6, 7, 8 of the manual) doesn’t look the same as mine either.
How can I get to the same display as shown on p 8 of the manual
Best wishes

You are talking about a different product then. Please research. Iconica Sketch is a lesser version.