Iconica Expression Map Download for Cubase - using VEPro

Hi- Can ANYONE point me to where I can download Expression Maps for Iconica to use in Cubase??? I can find it for Dorico but not Cubase. I’m running Iconica via VE Pro- which is why I can’t just do a simple “import key switches” function. Thank you!

Found this work-around over on VI Control:

Iconica-template in VEPro

Akarin says
Just resurecting this thread if anyone ever falls on it…

No. When hosting Iconica in VEPro, you lose the ability to generate expression maps automatically. But here’s what I did:

  1. Set up each patch the way I want to in Cubase
  2. Saved each patch in HALion
  3. Generated the expression maps and saved them
  4. Deleted the patches in Cubase
  5. Opened the saved HALion patch in VEPro
  6. Connected VEPro to Cubase, created the MIDI tracks, etc
  7. Loaded the saved Expression Maps and assigned them to the correct MIDI tracks

Thank you SF_Green. I have seen this. It’s a great template for Iconica which I have used before. But what I’m looking for are the EXPRESSION MAPS which are used within Cubase. When working with Midi, it brings up a controller Lane in edit view where you can assign different articulation such as legato, staccato, etc. The template is for organising your Iconica instruments in VE Pro.

  • Load the VST instrument you want to use and assign it to a MIDI or instrument track.
  • Select the track, open the Expression Map section in the Inspector, and select “Import Key Switches” on the pop-up menu.

Oops, I missed the part of your post where you mentioned not running it in Halion.

Thank you lesmillermusic1- but as you mentioned the problem comes in when you are working via Vienna Ensemble Pro…