Iconica Expression Map Download for Cubase

Hi- Can ANYONE point me to where I can download Expression Maps for Iconica to use in Cubase??? I can find it for Dorico but not Cubase. I’m running Iconica via VE Pro- which is why I can’t just do a simple “import key switches” function. Thank you!

Found this work-around over on VI Control:

Iconica-template in VEPro

Thank you SF_Green. I have seen this. It’s a great template for Iconica which I have used before. But what I’m looking for are the EXPRESSION MAPS which are used within Cubase. When working with Midi, it brings up a controller Lane in edit view where you can assign different articulation such as legato, staccato, etc. The template is for organising your Iconica instruments in VE Pro.

  • Load the VST instrument you want to use and assign it to a MIDI or instrument track.
  • Select the track, open the Expression Map section in the Inspector, and select “Import Key Switches” on the pop-up menu.

Oops, I missed the part of your post where you mentioned not running it in Halion.

Thank you lesmillermusic1- but as you mentioned the problem comes in when you are working via Vienna Ensemble Pro…