Iconica instruments for Dorico iPad only play staccato even for whole notes

I’m trying the Dorico 5.1 for iPad and expected the Iconica instruments to default to playing legato for the complete note values. I’m only getting staccato “puffs” for each note head.

I watched the tutorial video for Iconica but what it shows to change articulations is not implemented for the iPad product.

I hope I’m just missing something to change this behavior.

If that happens when you are entering notes, you would benefit from reading Note Performer’s NPPE manual for the solution.

I don’t think that NotePerformer is a thing on iPad yet?

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Note Performer is NOT relevant for the IPAD product. But I appreciate the effort.

Dorico for iPad updated with the 5.1 release and provides the Iconica Instruments as a key new feature. But they do not expose the articulation sheet in the iPad version and legato notation is rendered with short staccato puffs like this:

The score being rendered looks like this:

Are you able to attach the project itself here so I can take a look at it?

I will try…

1883 Chromatic Mediants.dorico (2.4 MB)

It plays back as it should, for me.

I had the same playback results as what you described. It was caused by my having downloaded and installed Iconica Sketch as soon as it became available, that is, a couple of weeks (if my memory is correct) before the Dorico 5.1 update. I thought that I would be really clever and use this new functionality early. Well, I wasn’t really that clever as it turns out.

I assume that the Dorico 5.1 update also included included the expression map for Iconica Sketch, because playback using Iconica Sketch worked properly after I had installed the Dorico 5.1 update, including Iconica Sketch.

Are you testing the score on an iPad? If you are then I need to look deeply into the Expression map feature.

No. I am using a 2014 iMac (details if you click on the icon next to my username).

I don’t know if this will work, but I have opened your project in Dorico on my Mac, re-applied the chosen playback template (which included Iconica Sketch) and then used Save As… to save the project as a separate file. I am hoping, without any supporting evidence, that this new file will contain everything required for it to play back correctly for you.

1883 Chromatic Mediants re-saved.dorico (3.8 MB)

I downloaded this and tried on my iPad. I tested on the Spitfire violins 1 staff, setting the instrument to Iconica Violin 1. Then I changed the expression map to Iconica violins, and also had to click on “Enable IVP”, and I believe that has the legato working now, maybe? I’m not an expert to tell. Will see if I can post a sample here.

I opened your uploaded score and NOW I can see a huge list of Experession Maps to choose from:

I have started assigning suitable Maps per instrument and Dorico is play legato. A couple instruments do not seem to accept the expression map to activate a change but this is very encouraging to hear these Iconica Sketch instruments truly singing long lyrical phrases.

It was a chore, as the iPad YouTube app wouldn’t let me create a video, but here’s what I got.

Yes. I’m able to get access to the Expression Maps but only by loading up the score that Steven.Jones01 shared above.

Dorico for iPad users must request a download of the Iconica Sketch instruments… it appears that Dorico for iPad provides these instruments but does NOT also expose or download the associated Expression Maps to interpret the articulations in a Score.

Hopefully, support sees this and resolves the issue with an update. I’m just glad to hear the instruments… they are very good and closer to other Notation/Rendering Apps like StaffPad or MuseScore. The bar for quality sound renderings keeps getting raised while the costs continue to plummet (at least for iPad users).

I did have the Iconica expression maps available before opening Steven’s score, but not all the extra ones that have appeared with his version. I believe I read somewhere else that when loading a score with desktop libraries on iOS, that playback may be enabled, but it is not editable? I may be confusing that though.

Anyway, we’re making some progress.

Following on from something which @SixByNine mentioned earlier, I opened the project which I had re-saved and enabled Independent Voice Playback for each instrument, then saved it with a different name. See if this makes any difference.

1883 Chromatic Mediants re-saved with IVP.dorico (3.8 MB)

Thanks for providing another score that includes the Expression Files for Iconica AND General MIDI. Even with IVP enabled my experience is that I must edit each instrument to assign the best Expression Map.

Hopefully, the installation of expression maps will be included in the Apple Store download in an update.

All the expression maps required for Iconica Sketch are of course included in Dorico for iPad. You should find that if you use the Reset Sounds dialog to switch to Iconica Sketch, all the required expression maps appear automatically.