Iconica: missing upper range in French Horn

I’m trying out the Iconica sound library and overall I’m impressed by the quality. However, I was surprised to not being able to play any notes higher than D’’ (sounding) on French Horn. As a FH player I know the official upper range is F’’ (sounding).

I was wondering whether this is a deliberate omission or just an error? I’m now unable to play some of my scores, where the horns are silent at the highest notes.

I’ll pass your feedback on to the sound design team. In the meantime if you have any further specific feedback about Iconica or our other virtual instruments, you could try the dedicated forum.

Thanks Daniel! Is it wise to ask there my question again to get an answer? As I’m very eager to know where the problem is (also in my decision whether or not to buy the library).

I don’t think there’s a “problem” per se: this will have been the decision of the team who recorded and programmed the library. I have passed on your comments to the sound design team in case it is possible that they can stretch the existing high samples up any further in some future update, but if you are trying to decide whether or not to buy Iconica, and the presence of these highest notes is the deciding factor, then do not buy Iconica: those notes are unlikely to be added in the near future.

You’re right, although it’s in any case a problem for me as I expect a full range in at least the upper part, without any stretching existing samples.

Thanks for your honest reply, I really do appreciate it.

I’ll think about it further, it seems a really fine library.

This is pretty common in sampling libraries. Many, for instance, don’t bother recording basses below low E, even though practically all professional bassissts will have a C extension, and even B extensions aren’t unheard of.

Really? I didn’t knew that.