Iconica Opus

Hello all,
I use Dorico Pro 5 and additional library sounds Iconica Opus on MacBook Pro.
But there are no sounds from Iconica so I have to switch it off and use standard to listen my project.

No idea what to do

Can you provide more details about what you’re trying to achieve; what you do to achieve it; and what happens when you try?

Are you on Mac, or Windows? What version of Dorico?

Are you saying that when you apply the Iconica Playback Template, instruments are not assigned to your Players?


Is the Iconica template John designed so long ago intended to work with the Opus version of Iconica or only with the Sections & Players version?

And @TK2402 (Theodoros),

Welcome to the forum. Once we are past the weekend, no doubt someone from Dorico or Steinberg (@dspreadbury or @John_at_Steinberg ) will chime in with more information.

I had same problem. I think (might be wrong) the playback template is made with Halion Sonic SE 3 AU version plug in. My MBP with Mac OS 14 Sonoma, was not able to play Halion Sonic SE 3 AU version. I vaguely remember that VST version of Halion Sonic SE could open in Dorico. I, then, saved the instrument information (from Halion Sonic SE from save) as separate Halion Sonic template, not as Dorico file. I could launch Halion Sonic (Not SE) in either Dorico or VEPro, then could bring back the stored instruments. Then, I resaved the new template as playback template. That worked.

I spent lots of hours just to learn that Halion Sonic SE does not launch in my mac book pro with Sonoma.

If I remember, how I saved the Halion Sonic instruments as separate files, I will update.

Dorico, please kindly update the playback template. We love Iconica opus.

Dorico doesn’t use Audio Units, so there’s no way that a template could use the AU version of the plug-in.

HALion Sonic SE has been replaced by HALion Sonic 7, since Dorico 5, I think.

It might be specific to VEPro version of Iconica expression map. Or my VEPro 7 is trying to open AU version of Halion Sonic SE.

Odd that VEPro would even know to try an AU version.
I’ll have to check the template. It was made for an earlier version of HALion in an earlier version of VEPro (6).

I figured out how I updated VEPro file to use Iconical Playback Template. Once I opened the provided Dorico template (not the playback template file) in the Iconica playback template zip file, at the Play view, at the instrument(VST) edit, I could save the Halion Sonic instrument rack (whatever the version is) individually. Then I started a clean VEPro project and loaded VST version of Halion Sonic 7 (not SE). Then I could load the stored Halion Sonic rack file, and rebuild the entire VEPro from there using aux output and additional midi channels. Because correct instruments and necessary keyswitch information is already there, building a new VEPro is quite easy. I hope this is helpful.