Iconica Sketch Cubase 13 and Dorico 5.1

Hello, I have already downloaded Iconica Sketch as it is included in Cubase 13. Having to install Dorico 5.1, is it necessary to take any special care or is it automatically detected by Dorico? I have this doubt because I read that it has a playback template dedicated to Dorico which I imagine is not present on Cubase.
Thanks for the support.

I think that you would only need to install Dorico. It should contain any necessary files.

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Indeed, you should simply find that Dorico 5.1 detects Iconica Sketch and offers to switch your default playback template to the best available one that includes Iconica Sketch.

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Thanks for the reply, I had already tried the sounds with Dorico 5.0 and they sound great, I imagine that now with this new version it will be even better.