Iconica Sketch/custom instruments

Hi everyone!

I came across an annoying problem. In my projects I work with custom instruments (nothing fancy, just the usual classical orchestral instruments with some modifications in range etc.). These instruments are still in the same families as they used to, I only changed their names…Unfortunately, using the factory Iconica Sketch playback template those instruments don´t get the correct sounds. Most of the times it´s just a piano sound that´s being loaded. Is there a way to assign sounds to custom instruments in the instruments options? Haven´t found a solution yet.

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In general, you should find that provided your custom instruments are created as variants of the regular instrument they are based on, Dorico will automatically load the right sound. If you created them as wholly new instruments, though, unfortunately Dorico won’t know what sound to use, so it’ll end up using piano. At the moment there’s no way to define an instrument you would like it to masquerade as for playback purposes, but that is something we have talked about adding.

Thanks so much for the quick response. I will try to make my customized instruments variants…should not be too complicated!

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…but one more thing: I work with my language options to “German” and this makes the whole instrument-customizing very clunky and irritating. If I pick a new single player I can choose a “Flöte”. But in the instrument library there is no such thing as a “Flöte” there´s only “Flute”. If I now make a variant from that “Flute” and call it a “Flöte” will things still work? Head is spinning a bit.



Yes, don’t worry, it will work as expected if you make your new Flöte a variant of Flute.

Haha. Ok. I will try. Let´s see what happens.

So you suggest I create the variant inside the instrument library? From the “Flute”? (Sorry for asking again but I want to get it right)



I tried and failed…it´s not working. I create a variant, which then does not appear in the menu for choosing or changing an instrument. Is there some documentation on how I can make it work? And I suspect it´s the language problem that makes it so difficult?

That would be a welcome addition. :+1: