Iconica Sketch from Cubase 13

Hi Dorico users!
I upgraded to Cubase 13 a short while ago and I am wondering: is there already a way to use iconica sketch in Dorico as well? Haven´t been able to figure it out until now…
Thanks for you help.


As with any sample library, you’ll need an Expression Map, Endpoint Configuration and PlayBack Template to use it. You can create these yourself (John Barron has an excellent Discover Dorico session about creating these); but it might be a bit of work.

If you can wait until Monday, then that’s when Dorico 5.1 will be released, and it will include everything you need.


Thanks, @benwiggy for your fast reply! I can definitely wait until Monday! And I will…
Looking forward to the release of 5.1,



Monday, Monday!

So good to me,
Monday mornin’, it was all I hoped it would be :crossed_fingers:t2::notes:

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