Iconica Sketch in Cubase: How do I edit the dynamic expression?

Hi, I recorded a cello with Iconica Sketch in Cubase. I changed the dynamics (ppp/pp/p/f/ff/fff etc) with my wheel bend and recorded it. However, this dynamic movement is not displayed in the automation data or lanes (or I can’t find it). Nor can it be overwritten with “Write Automation”.
How can I overwrite the dynamics afterwards?
How can I edit the dynamics afterwards?
Thank you very much!

If you want to edit the Dynamic Mapping values, select the MIDI part(s) and then select “MIDI > Merge MIDI in Loop”.
Now, in the “MIDI Merge Options” dialog, select at least “Include Inserts”, which will include the MIDI Modifiers used by the Dynamics Mappings Setup.

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Many thanks for your help, which unfortunately didn’t work for me. The action resulted in quite a mess (all voices of the instrument in one track, but no access to the continuous dynamics).

I have now found the (partly) solution myself. In the editor, there is a small field under the keyboard for selecting the controller. Select it and choose CC1 (modulation).
I found the solution in this Cubase video.

However, the problem of how the dynamic modulation of CC1 (modulation wheel) can be overwritten by re-recording only the modulation (with the modulation wheel) without deleting the existing midi notes has not been solved.
I would be happy if someone had a tip.

Hmm, where do you record the Modulation data (with your Mod-Wheel)?

When recording in Arranger/Track window, a new Lane will be created with only the new CC 1 values, but all other events are still there, just hidden.

If you use recording in the Key Editor, only the Mod-Wheel/CC 1 Modulation will change, the other MIDI events stay visible and untouched.