I downloaded Iconica_Sketch.iso from Cubase Pro 13 Downloads | Steinberg
However, it’s the only “content set” who gives an error in the Steinberg Library Manager. It says : ‘/Volumes/Iconica Sketch/SMT_038_Iconica_Sketch_Samples.vstsound’ is probably damaged. Please get a new copy.

I already re-downloaded the iso, but still the same error. The other “content sets” are all fine and installed correctly.
I use the Steinberg Library Manager 3.2.40 on MacOS 14.1


Is it the same issue as described here?

Hi, yes, it is the same issue and I haven’t been able to solve it yet.

Yes, it’s the same issue.

My guess is that the iso is corrupt ?

+1 same issue

same for me windows 10

So it looks like the problem is on windows as mac. Can someone from Steinberg fix this ?

solved use the download assistant the file it downloads is larger and works

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That’s a great work around. Now Steinberg must fix the Cubase website so we can download it correctly

I tried to download the iso again from the Steinberg website, but still the same error.

The problem is fixed. As described in Cubase 13 - Damaged Iconica Sketch - #4 by Tichelwark Steinberg uploaded a new iso to the website.