Iconica Sketch: noodling around on MIDI keyboard in staccato?

When I select something in an empty staff to activate it and put my hands on my MIDI keyboard, I hear …

  • with Noteperformer: long sustained notes
  • with HALion Sonic Selection: long sustained notes
  • with Iconica Sketch: super short notes, probably staccato

As I’m writing a choral, this is quite unpleasant :wink:
Can this be changed to longer notes somehow?

Yes: change the articulation in the VST.

It does seem to default to Staccato, though.

Hi, @benwiggy !

Thanks for pointing me to this. I had already looked around, but since the HALION SONIC was opening the tab “MIX”, this graphic had not shown up.

It seems that I would have to do this for each and every instrument, though… I really hope, the team can set legato or sustain as the default for Iconica Sketch instruments :slight_smile:

I can see how that might pizz one off.


Staccato is an odd choice for a default, imo. It looks like I will have to edit the whole template!

We can’t change the initial state of the patch when it’s loaded into HALion Sonic. Perhaps we could look into finding a way to send the appropriate key switches and/or MIDI controllers to choose the Natural sound in future.

How do I get to that vst screen as I am having same problem?

Possibly, just triggering the key switch would be enough.

Click on the little e in Play mode. You may need to familiarize yourself with the interface. There are lots of videos about Play mode, plus the excellent Help pages.

Go to play mode, select the instrument. In the left panel open the VST instrument by clicking the “e” button. When the HALion player opens, select the correct slot with your instrument. Then in the main area of the window, make sure that the “EDIT” tab is being selected.

Thanks Ben sorted. You learn something everyday. Thanks for your help.

Thanks my friend sorted!