Iconica Sketch Not Showing In Dorico After Install

Having installed Dorico Pro 5.1 on a new computer I followed the steps in the official Youtube video: " Setting Up Iconica Sketch | Dorico 5.1".

Using the ‘Steinberg Download assistant’ , I downloaded and installed ‘Iconica Sketch’ which was successful as shown by the tick exactly as in the video.

I went on to follow the video to select ‘Iconica Sketch’ as the default playback template. In the video, the next screen showed ‘Iconica Sketch’ in the default playback template list. This didn’t happen on my install. In fact I couldn’t find the option of ‘Iconica Sketch’ anywhere in Dorico!

The only thing I did not do as shown in the video is to select ‘Groove Agent’ as I never use this. I can’t see that ‘Iconica sketch’ is dependent on this.

I’d be grateful for any help with this.


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So you don’t see Iconica listed in the choices of Playback Templates?

Is this Mac or Windows?

Is Iconica Sketch listed in Steinberg Library Manager app?

Thanks for replying benwiggy.

[Quote] Is this Mac or Windows? [Unquote]
This is Windows 11 new install.

[Quote] Is Iconica Sketch listed in Steinberg Library Manager app? [Unquote]
Yes, Iconica Sketch is listed in the Library Manager. There are two files listed:

Just a quick check. Does Halyon have to be installed to use Iconica Sketch?

I haven’t installed Halyon as I never use this.

HALion 7 (not the full version, but the one provided with Dorico) is necessary because it hosts Iconica. In any case, if you want Dorico to work flawlessly, start installing ALL in the SDA (Steinberg Download Assistant) when you select Dorico 5 in the left panel. You will be able to remove the things you don’t really need later, when you really know you don’t need it. Not installing everything and hoping it will work has very little chances to work out well (I even had to reinstall stuff that seemed already installed, HALion Selection IIRC, in order for everything to work).

The name HALion covers a player app, which plays the samples, as well as samples themselves.

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Thank you Marc. I’ve started downloading all as you suggest.

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Thanks benwiggy.

I see there are three downloads with HALion;

HALion 7.0.20 - Instrument
Halion Sonic Selection - Content
HALion Symphonic Orchestra

Would you know if out of those three, I need just the HALion 7.0.2 - Instrument to run Iconica?

I see in the Steinberg Support document it does mention that HALion is required but just to confirm my understanding that the first in the list is all that is needed.


You should install all of them, Michael. When we recommend the use of the Install All button, it’s for a good reason!