Iconica Sketch useless for IPads with small RAM

I own a common IPad 10.2 , which has as far as I know 3GB RAM. For this Ipad the Iconica Sketch seems to be completely useless . I can’ t even load for one voice in a score the Iconica sounds . How can I deinstall the soundpack, which just takes memory space?

When you download Dorico 5.1 (or the update if you already have D5 for iPad), downloading Iconica Sketch isn’t automatic and requires you to initiate its download with a button as you must have done. So you should be able to simply delete the Dorico app from you iPad and then re-download it without initiating the Sketch download.

One of Daniel’s earlier posts mentioned that Iconica Sketch only works reliably on iPads having “more that 4GB of RAM”. It was unclear whether this means 4GB is enough or you really need 8GB which is the next step up unless I missed something. However, even the new General Midi sounds included in D5.1 for iPad are an improvement on the Microsonic library in earlier versions.

(I have looked for the posting about the RAM requirements but haven’t found it. The same posting by Daniel also had a link to sites that identify the RAM in various iPads both past and current. This information can be found at independent sites on the web but is not advertised by Apple.)

You should find that on an iPad 8/9/10th generation device with 3GB RAM, you can run small projects with four to eight players using Iconica Sketch without too many problems, but certainly there is less headroom on those devices.

We haven’t provided a way to remove Iconica Sketch from within the app. If you want to get rid of it, delete Dorico from your device and then reinstall from the App Store. Be careful that you have backed up any projects that are stored On my iPad (as shown in the Hub) before you delete Dorico, as those projects wll be permanntly deleted when you delete the app.