Iconica Template

I noticed in some of Anthony’s new videos that his computer contained an Iconica Template.

  • Did that happen when he installed Iconica?
  • Did he make it himself?
  • Or is Anthony the Team Member who is working on future compatibility between Dorico and Iconica fro a future upgrade?

(Just my curiosity was piqued, since I am looking forward to Dorico/Iconica integration down the line.)


Also, adding to the post that pianoleo linked to, PaulWalmsley has said that more work is needed in Dorico for full Iconica support - click here for more details.

Thank you for your help. Of course I have already seen both those posts.
But neither answers the question I asked about the Iconica Template in the pull-down on Anthony’s computer.
As I said, this was just my curiosity.

No, no Dorico playback template is included with Iconica. Yes, Anthony made it himself. No, it’s not complete. No, you can’t have it. No, Anthony is not specifically the person who will be working on compatibility between Dorico and Iconica.

Just to be clear: I was not asking for the template. I have full confidence that when everything is ready, you will tell us.
As I said, I was just curious.