Iconica trial download mystery

A week ago I thought it would be interesting to try the Iconic Orchestral Library trial - but as usual I have found problems at every turn. So far I have managed to download the strings and percussion - woodwinds and brass refuse to download. Anyway I thought I would try the strings and give up on the rest for now.

So I have managed to install Halion Sonic SE3 (running Cubase 8.5 on a mac). You Tube video I found talks of loading Iconica - but it doesn’t appear as an option. I have the activation code email from Sternberg but I don’t know when or where I’ll be asked for this.

So I have no idea what to do now - and I’d be extremely grateful for any help - thank you.

Run the eLicenser and register IconicA using the activation code.

All Steinberg software looks to see if it is licensed whenever it starts up. Anyone can install Steinberg software just fine. But you can only run it if the eLicenser says you can.

And yeah the download time on Iconica is brutal. I am planning on buying it, but I wonder how much of that is influenced by not wanting to waste all the effort it took to download. :confused:

Oh and to get Halion to see the library double-click on any of the sound files which will open the Halion Library Manager (might have name wrong) and register all the sounds in that folder. The download manager by default puts Iconica in 4 different folders so you’ll need to do this 4 times - once for each folder. But the Library Manager will help you move them all into a single folder if you prefer (or you can move them all into a single folder before registering any of them & only do it once).

Also the download manager will only download one huge file at a time. So maybe the sections you couldn’t download were just waiting for a different download to end. Smaller files can load in parallel.

The instructions from Steinberg for all of this was kinda lacking.

Thanks Raino - you’ve given me some ideas to try tomorrow.

“The instructions from Steinberg for all of this was kinda lacking.” - masterful understatement!

I can’t be the only potential customer on the verge of giving up the attempt because of the lack of information about how to do this. (If I am the only potential customer etc grateful if anyone can point me towards a comprehensive tutorial/video/set of instructions that I have missed.)

I’ve managed to download and install correctly, but can’t get to the Iconica interface. I can only see the Halion interface and get the following message when trying to go into edit mode (see attached image)

What am I doing wrong?

Snoe - I wish I had an answer for you - I feel your pain

I have made a bit of progress in that I now seem to have all the brass up and running. Can’t find the strings and other bits anywhere. Strange thing is the Steinberg download assistant gives me a solid green bar for brass status, OK, but all the others - although they are downloaded don’t get this.

Maybe I should delete them and try again or maybe I should turn off the computer and go and do something useful. But it’s been a week and I will not be beaten by this.

Hey artartart
Thanks for the reply. The install was EVENTUALLY fine- once I accidentally double clicked one of the downloaded files (in their saved location and not from the download manager) and the Halion Manager opened up. From there I just double-clicked each library and installed it all.
But regarding Halion- it seems you need Halion 6 for full functionality?

Hi Snoe

Glad you’ve got it sorted. I’ve tried double-clicking on the files (in their saved location as you say) but I get a message - “No action was performed. The corresponding VST sounds are already registered.”

Which is nice to know but gets me no nearer to actually loading them into the Halion player.

Not sure you’re right about needing Halion 6 - I have seen a You Tube video overview of Iconica where the guy seems to be using Halion SE3 with no problems.

No, it is supposed to fully work on everything from SE to 6 - but make sure you have the latest revision of SE (or really any of the 3 Halions).

I didn’t have the latest version of SE. All good now. Thank you for the help!