iConnectMIDI2+ Cubase and Lemur for Ipad

I just received my iConnectMIDI2+ and wanted to say that it works wonderfully with Lemur. Because of it’s very thorough port and channel routing/filtering, I can get a lot out of a 2 input (10 port) device. Basically you get 4 ports to your PC and 4 to your Ipad so here’s how I set up mine:
Port 1: Both din midi inputs and a midi keyboard in Lemur merged to this port for midi input to Cubase.
Port 2: Generic Remote for Lemur and Cubase
Port 3: Mackie Control Emulation for Lemur and Cubase (mostly for “scribble strips”)
Port 4: Mackie Control Emulation for Lemur and RME Totalmix.

It works a treat and I have a second unit that I plan on using with my Iphone. One thing is, I got the specs for the power supply (you need it to charge the Ipad, a MUST) and purchased a generic one that didn’t work. I ordered the Iconnectivity power supply and it worked perfectly.