iConnectmidi2+ + Cubasis LE 3 audio output channels


I’m using Cubasis LE 3 with several audio channels, and the iConnectmidi2+ interface. As far as midi goes, everything works fine. I have 2 inputs and 2 outputs, they show up well in Cubasis. But I have a problem with the audio output channels. I was thinking that the iConnectmidi2+ has 2 output audio channels, since it has 2 USB ports and it uses Audio Passthrough over USB. But in Cubasis, I only see output channels 1-2. I need audio output channels 3-4 because I want to send an audio click track to a separate output (3-4) while the rest of the audio tracks should go to the headphone jack of the iPad. I tried to change the routings with the iconfig tool but it doesn’t make any difference.

Does anyone else have this problem? Is it impossible what I’m trying to do? If you succeeded, can you tell me how?

Many thanks

Hi @flyingsnowman,

Thank you for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

While the regular Cubasis version supports up to 24 inputs/outputs (depending on the audio device in use), Cubasis LE 3 is limited to 2 inputs/outputs. Please find all features compared on the Cubasis website.

If you’ve unlocked Cubasis LE 3 via a supported device, you’re able to purchase the Cubasis Full Feature Set IAP. This in-app purchase updates Cubasis LE 3 with all the features of the full Cubasis version at a lower price.

Hope that helps!


Hi Lars,
Many thanks for your quick reply!
I did unlock Cubasis LE 3 with a supporting device (Yamaha AG06) and I did already buy the full feature set… But I still see only 2 output channels. Is it due to the way the iConnectMidi2+ was configured?

Hi @flyingsnowman,

Thanks for the update!

In this case, I recommend exchanging with the guys at iConnectivity to find out where the issues could be related to.

I’m at hand to have them equipped with a Cubasis promo code for testing purposes, if required.

Hope that helps!

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