Icons messed up every other time I start Dorico

It seems as if every other time I start Dorico the icons on the screen for note value selection and such are messed up – trying to display at twice their size and thus not easily selected. But when that happens if I quit the program and restart it, the icons are all their normal size and appearance. Win10(home), GeForce1070 video card, lots of video ram. Any idea why this might be happening?

I’ve noticed this happening too!

Same here.


We’ve seen this intermittently in our testing but never been able to pin it down to a reproducible case. Nevertheless we have a few ideas as to what might be causing it. Hopefully they’ll bear fruit and we’ll have a fix in for the first update.

Same here…

I can’t see any pattern in when/how it happens on my machine, but I’ll try to pay more attention to see if there’s any pattern.

I’m glad to know you’re aware of it and are working on it.


Here it happens everytime I restart the computer.
A restart of Dorico helps.

ditto here, except I was stuck with a dozen Dorico restarts, along with 2 reboots, before the icons reappeared normally again. So it is more than intermittent, here.

And another voice to this growing chorus! I just went to create a new empty project, and all the icons are messed up too. Restarting Dorico did nothing, but restarting the computer seems to have fixed it for now.

For what it’s worth, I’m running Win 10 Pro (64 bit).