I'd like stripped down version of Cubase

I just uninstalled all the “bloat products” Honestly I would rather pay for a version with no plugins, no synths, etc. I just really like the DAW. I hope it is something they consider in the future. I doubt it, but if it would cut the cost down I would be all for it. It would be nice if they offered a Pro and artist version “unloaded” for 100.00 less or even more

+1, I agree fully. It could also be modular so that the base version would come even without notation for an example, or the channel strip could be chosen from basic or advanced version, and the modules users need could be later bought as addons. Actually that kind of ecosystem could bring Steinberg (Yamaha) much more money like the eurorack synth modules which have got huge success these days for their manufacturers. People want be able to choose and build a system of their own like.

Definitely agree about the modular approach. I don’t need much more than elements but would really benefit from the more advanced time warping options in artist/pro. I’d buy that in a heartbeat

Weirdly Dallon426 I was thinking of creating the same thread. I am so glad that there are others out there who are thinking along the same lines. +1 here.

Yes. I think it would be cool to buy features of our choosing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’d love offline processing. I don’t have a pro studio and I don’t need everything pro offers. I don’t need everything artist offers. It would be great if they had a basic version that had no plugins but let us purchase things such as a profile manager, audio voice warp, a VU meter in the right I hands side, and export. I never ever use Steinberg plugins. Not anymore. I’ve bought izotope, native instruments, Arturia, etc. I don’t need a bunch of synths and drum kits. I need my DAW catered to my needs. A flexible DAW would really be beneficial to a lot of people. This is actually the first time I opted to not install all the synths, etc. Mainly because I’m on SSD and space is an issue at the moment. Anyway, I hope they listen and consider this idea. I think a lot of people would feel comfortable purchasing extra tools that were beneficial to them.

But you still can choose not to install all the plug-ins in Cubase right?

A bit of topic perhaps but at least you don’t have to uninstall

Yeah. But the topic is I’m paying for things I don’t want/need. I’d rather purchase other things I need

Ok yeah, I was just thinking that until that happens you can choose to not install everything to begin with to save some time.

Excellent idea - I’m in it for an advanced DAW, not all the mediocre sounds/synths that bundle with it. If I want high quality vst’s and synths, I get those elsewhere. Can’t be everything to everyone anyway.

You girls need to switch to Reaper. No additional fluff that you dont want

Hehe, I have Reaper, good for audio but Cubase is king for Midi.

I’ll never switch. I can dream though

When you buy Cubase, you’re paying for the DAW. The plugins are free bonuses, if you were actually paying for them there would be an upgrade path to the full versions, which btw have completely different content.

Yeah, they don’t have a Native Instruments or Waves logo on the interface so all included plugins are automatically worthless.

If you’re doing realistic orchestral mockups, then yes the Halion and other included stuff is worthless. Nobody is using that stuff at the pro level for orchestration.

Then Steinberg should just focus on making the best possible DAW. It’s great, but nobody really needs plugins from a DAW. And all I’m saying is Steinberg should offer different versions. Beyond what they offer. Also their instruments are so behind the curve it’s a bit of a waste of energy and resources to keep updating their synths and vst’s. And if they want to go that direction then they should separate it from cubase. Don’t even bother with SE or lite versions. I just want a kick-ass naked DAW with features of my choosing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I look at it like this…
I pay for Cubase. All of the other stuff is free. Mostly because it is pared down versions of other products that steinberg makes that are otherwise for sale – Synths anyway…
Besides, no DAW beginner would have the experience to buy a bare bones DAW then have to navigate the endless VST options for basic plugins that take care of reverb, compression, etc. etc.
Personally, I bought cubase for VST connect so I could collaborate with a friend in France (I live in the States). I found Padshop (with the pro upgrade for $20) and Retrologue to be great synths, two of the best included with any DAW. They are basically premiums and/or loss-leaders. Groove agent SE is on that list as well. Sonic SE has some great content.


I don’t think what people are saying is that the included efx and vsti’s are worthless. If I was starting out and short of money - well I would be after buying Cubase 9.5 Pro - these tools would be very useful. However as you develop your tastes and knowledge increase and you acquire the tools that suit your work. If I want an analogue synth I would reach for u-he’s Diva rather than anything bundled with C9.5. Likewise for efx I would turn to UAD, Plugin Alliance, FAbFilter. I use Cubase for the Midi editing and expression mapping and expression control, unlimited audio and midi tracks, for my three monitors the View Sets, the automation, now “apparently” mix convert and direct offline processing.

It is the sophistication of 9.5 Pro that I value as a means of translating my musical ideas together with the efx and vsti tools of my choice that matters to me. I don’t think that I have ever downloaded the vast amount of content that comes with each new version.

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+1 sort of…

I suppose I wouldn’t mind paying a bit less for a version that did not have the video capability (that I am sure many users have never even tried to use).

Not sure what else of real value could be stripped down though. Meaning, I guess they could offer a version with no vsts but, how much would that save? And, creating different software versions that integrate smoothly might prove to be more costly due to extra programming and support staff.

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