ID3 metadata for exporting an Mp3 in Cubase 12 Using iMac

I have done a search on the following issues but have not found anything specifically answering the issues,

There are 2 issues regarding attaching ID3 metadata.

  1. this information is not saved with the project. If a project is updated the ID3 data has to be re entered prior to exporting the updated Mp3. Otherwise the ID3 data entered on the last updated project will be exported.

  2. The dropdown Genre window lacks many genre’s (incomplete). Neither is there any way to add any genre to the table/listing.

Is it posible anybody has any get arounds to this that I have not seen. I can’t believe we are on Cubase 12 and this has not been addressed or talked about.

A 3rd issue is that it truncates longer song names.

I’ve long given up on creating mp3 metadata in Cubase. It seems to have been one of those features that’s been abandoned for many years and versions.

I just use the free VLC media player app to edit mp3 metadata.

Screen Shot 2023-08-09 at 17.01.24

Thanks for your note on this. But I find it crazy to have to use an external mechanism to accomplish ID3 metadata and in doing so would add additional time and effort to do so.
When there is already a structure in Cubase but sadly still not fully developed/tweaked after so many years. Is it likely that Steinberg could be encouraged to think about adding my suggestions.

Bill Springate
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Yes, it’s sad that many obvious usability issues continue to exist in the application for so long even as users complain, as a UX designer myself, I would highly recommend that while it’s a great product technically, they need to invest in UX (usability improvements) .

Anton Roolaart

As an added note I’m now on CUBASE 13 and this issue still the same.

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