ID3 tag to keep info for each Project as last saved

Please make the Edit ID3 tag window keep the profile that one last saved on each project instead it keeping the last save of the project one last worked. It’s time wasting if it keeps the profile of the last project one opened and saved because one has to change track name for each project. Let each project keep its ID3 profile as last saved.

You could also make it give options to keep certain info for every project e.g. the Album Name, Track, Artist, Genre.


+1 Please!!!
All export setup should be saved and recalled with the project.



Same as been asked for each release of Cubase

Regards :sunglasses:


Would make a lovely little coding project for the Steinberg ‘Trainees’ to take on - re-write/improve/enhance the MP3 utility inside Cubase.

tired of this i ended up disabling tags for mp3…

Yes +1k.

Just wanted to start a thread and found this.
I wonder why this is still not implemented.
It’s annoying still I use Cubase (for years) :angry: .


I know that the ID3tag part of Cubase was developed outside Steinberg, but that shouldn’t stop you (Steinberg) to re-implement it - with some more possibilities AND and alphabetic order for the genres list… :wink: