ID3 v1 Track info?


I´ve come across a customer request for track number ID3-tags on Mp3-files. However, in Wavelab when opening an Mp3-file, under Edit - File Attributes (ID3v1) i can only find options for: Title/Album/Artis/Year/Comments and Genre.

AFAIK ID3v1.1 also supports track number info?
Is there some way to tag ID3v1.1 track number to the Mp3-file in Wavelab?

Can´t find much info in the documentation for WL7 (or 6), and a search on these forums didn´t come up with any info either.


AFAIK ID3v1.1 also supports track number info?

Yes, but when WaveLab was first implemented, this ‘track number’ stuff did not exist. Then the specification was modified (in a slightly strange way) to allow this. And WaveLab was not updated to support this.
I agree this would be nice to support this in the future.

OK, thank you for your answer!
I agree, this would be a welcome addition :slight_smile:


I too have the same problem. I need to customize mp3 tags, but there is no option in Wavelab for more extensive customization. Please update this feature to current spec. I believe ID3 v2.4 is the latest? I’m not positive… Thanks PG,