Idea behind the chords track

That Chords track is intriguing, but I have little idea what it’s for. How would you use this? I assume it’s more of a jazz/pop thing, Any clever uses of it people have found? It would be interesting if it hooked into figured bass, then we could see how Dorico can do Partimento realization :smiley:

There’s nothing much to say about it. It provides a simple way to hear a chord symbol voicing, but there’s not a great deal more to it at the moment. In due course when Dorico is able to send tempo information to VST instruments, it might become useful for triggering e.g. strumming patterns in guitar virtual instruments, or something along those lines.

Or to grab kicks, accents or rhythms from designated slash notation somewhere in the score!!:grin::+1:

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I think chord track is great and has a huge potential to evolve further.

It’s surprising to see that composition software is still using old solutions - which were using old technology (I mean pen and paper) - to solve the problems of notation rather than the problem of composition. :wink:

Strumming would be great! (loving the Pro version by the way)