Idea: Filtered variation of select more

Could it be an useful tool if you could “select more”, but only selected pitches?

I know that dorico has a tool for filtering pitches, but I find that using it for a relatively simple/small task can feel a bit too complicated. I’ve had these situations where there is an ostinato for three bars and I’d like to change only the lowest note. I think it could be very handy if it would be possible to click that note and select all of those exact pitches with one key command (that would work otherwise exactly like select more).

I suspect this feature couldn’t work in the simple way and that filtering will continue to be the answer. Select more, by its very nature, will select everything of the same kind of that object (in this case, all the pitches of the measure, then stave, then piece). So it would be a complete paradigm shift to enable the select more command and have it ignore all the other notes when you’ve had a note selected. Most of us, I suspect, would object to this change even if it were offered. They would either need a specific new command for specifically selecting just pitches, or a different way of invoking filtering (someone recently suggested a special filtering operation that would allow you to select notes on a midi keyboard and filter those pitches only, which I would welcome).

Yes, just to clarify I was also thinking about a new command that works like select more but filters only selected pitches. But any other way to faster filter by pitch would be great as well!

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I would find it quite useful if there was a more filtered variation of select more. It would not only select more items of the same type, but also with same properties. This would mean different things based on what has been selected before applying the command:

Notes: More notes with same pitches as selected

Playing techniques: More of the selected playing techniques.

Dynamics: More dynamics with same intensities or properties

Chord Symbols: More of the same chords as selected


I think this could be useful also to search for specific things in a larger score.

I’d like a “Search and Replace” function. Is that what you’re wanting? That’s a pretty standard feature of desktop publishing apps, isn’t it? Dorico is a DTP app although sometimes the most popular features seem to be related to its use as a high tech karaoke machine.

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That could be useful as well!

I was actually looking also a way to very effectively for example delete certain playing technique from everywhere in the score.

I don’t think at the moment that there exists a way to filter only one specific playing technique, chord or dynamic - maybe this “filtered select more” could be one way to achieve that?

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