idea for future automation

An idea for future automation in Dorico.

In VST 3 we have three methods for the accuracy of an automation in Cubase:

  • Sample Exact,
  • Block
  • or Custom.

But the automation is then fixed and not flexible as I would like for Dorico.

I would like to have an automation that automatically synchronizes the given music notes at the same time.

The accuracy should correspond to the selected speed in BPM and the smallest resolution of the note values.

Between each musical note to the next note, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) should smooth the automation curve ( Bezier Curve ).

In principle, I would like something like that in Cubase and Nuendo.

see reference for cubase on this page (at bottom):

"Audio Mixdown, Freezing and Render in Place can be accelerated by increasing latency. This might reduce the resolution of automation though. VST 2 plug-ins calculate one automation value per parameter for each ASIO block (which equals buffer size in samples), whereas VST 3 plug-ins decide independently if automation data is being rendered blockwise, sample-accurately or at a self-defined resolution."

Dorico’s midi automation should already be sample accurate and is in sync with the notation. Dorico can represent linear changes which are automatically discretised into individual points. In the future we’ll be able to extend this to include curves

Thank you Paul - very much. Curves would be very helpful to me indeed. As few curve points as possible, then I can also edit manually better.