Idea for future developement: Percussion Kit

I am working on a orchestral score with big percussion. My problem is, that in many pages I have different percussion setup. So I had to create a lot of Percussion Kits which contain duplicates of the same instruments, but in different setups.
For sure this is not an elegant solution. Dorico slowed down; I have unnecessary new Halion Sonic instances, and there is a problem with instrument names, because Dorico adds an ordinal number to every duplicated instrument.

My idea for future developement is to allow diferent setups within one Percussion Kit. It would look like this:

– I am creating a Percussion Kit and adding all the necessary instruments.
– within the „Edit Percussion Kit” there is possibility to add new tab called „Percussion Setup”, which contains all options of Percussion Kit.
– I can create as many „percussion setups”, as I want to and choose which instruments from Percussion Kit I want to include to them.
– I can give a name to every „percussion setup”
– in the score I can create „Percussion Setup” signpost, which works similar to „divisi” signpost. Every new signpost is changing „percussion setup”. And when I click on signpost, I can edit the Percussion Kit, change „percussion setup” or create new.
– visual representation in galley view is like in divisi feature.

Digression: speaking about the signposts, I would love to have signpost „change instrument name”, which works similar to „Bracket and Barline change” signpost.

If you explain (preferably with screenshots) your “different percussion setups”, there’s a chance someone will be able to suggest a better strategy, already possible within Dorico 2.2.20.

In my score I have 3 players, many percussion instruments and I am working on how to save the space on the page. I’ve choosen percussion grid for every player, because it is most usefull in many cases.
Here you have three pages from my score:

The sub-brackets separates the players. In my score I have more different setups. Many times it is just e.g. three lines for three same instruments (like „rins”).

Whoah. I’m not the one to answer this one. Sorry!

I’m with you. This is something I’ve thought about a lot, but I’ve been lucky not to have needed to engrave something of the sort in Dorico yet. As a last resort, you could fake it afterwards, and create a part that reads correctly but is unlinked from all instruments…