Idea for slur positioning presets

Regarding the recent discussion of slurs from grace notes often needing manual positioning… I know there are several ways these could be calculated, and it’s not “one size fits all.”

I just had a thought… I wonder whether there could be a number of different slur positioning possibilities, like presets, based on different algorithms (attachment points, maximum angles, etc). Different settings for each of these would give a different result. Then with a slur selected, if the default positioning wasn’t ideal, the user could press a key to toggle through the different presets to see if one of them was a good fit for that specific scenario. Some presets would clearly be a bad fit, but perhaps some might be better than the default in certain cases.

Of course manual positioning would be possible as before, and still needed in some cases. But I wonder if this might be a faster way to find an “automatic” solution.

These could be a property of the slur, toggled in the Properties panel as a dropdown, maybe. Removing this property would reset the slur to the default positioning. Just a thought.


Here’s a common problem caused by the octave leap after the grace note. It’s easily solved by flipping the slur so it starts at the tip of the grace note stem. It’s then visible. I don’t know what the rulebooks say, but for clarity I always do it this way.
Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 11.42.11 AM

Yes in this case F is an easy solution, but I’m thinking of other scenarios as well where more is needed.