Idea: Layouts without Pageview


I do have some layouts that I will never print out and that I will never use in Pageview.
Some temporary layouts might fall into this category, or a full score that contains of everything uncondensed.

I wonder if it would help speed up some things if Pageview could be disabled completely for these layouts. They could be omitted in the list of print layouts, no recalculations of page turns would ever be necessary, some spacing features could be skipped, and so on?

Hi Estigy, this sounds like a good idea.
I suspect though, Dorico is anyway already doing this, meaning, it will only calculate a page view once you select the layout and switch to page view.

Well, sometimes I do end up atsuch a layout: For example when I switch to Print Mode, my “everything” layout is the very first in the list, and it gets recalculated and rendered. Or when you are in Engrave Mode and cycle through your layouts.

(Looking at a page with 35 staves crimped into an A4-sized sheet gives me headaches :wink:)

This one is easy. In Setup mode, look at the layout list and move the “everything” layout to the bottom.