Idea / Request / opinions about Cubase based Controller

Would you be interested in investing in a more extensive Controller for Cubase

  • Yes, regardless of cost
  • Yes, providing a well featured controller retails at £1500 or less ($2000) (1900 euro)
  • Yes, providing a well featured controller retails at £1000 or less ($1450 ) (1250 euro)
  • Yes, providing a well featured controller retails at £500 or less ( $800 dollars ) (680 euros)
  • Hmmm Possibly but it would need to something special to part with my cash
  • No - hardware controllers have had their day

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This is just a post to see what sort of interest there would be in a higher end Cubase controller released by Yamaha Steinberg.

I have the CC121 which is great for what it does, but its single fader, ultimate lack of features (compared to what could be done) and the fact alot of users do not use the EQ buttons as they are not exactly intuitive (Upside down) and prefer many VST based eqs.

Something along the lines of CS18 which works for Studio one, with either depending 8 or 16 faders (depending on opinion and the amount customers are prepared to pay.

In my opinion as a Midi composing platform, Cubase is still ahead of the pack , but workflow can become difficult because of the amount of features packed in.

I know their are other MCU or Eucon (problems) out their which work well with cubase , but a deeper integration and a logical layout specific to cubase is something i would very much be willing to pay for.

I understand that steinberg dont feel their is a market for a dedicated controller after the CMC series failed, and the older CC121 still for sale. However, is this the perception of its users , or is there a real demand for something like i am describing.

So the point of this post is really to find out what users really want, and if they are willing to pay more for something that was deeply intergrated and hugely improved workflow.

Please use this thread to voice your opinions and vote in the poll, as well as suggestions. The Nuage system is well beyond the reach of most of us Cubase /Nuendo users, but some of the intergration ideas and code from this system may be very helpful in a cut down , single form control that may or may not allow for fader expansion.

Let me know your views ; i am looking at the SSL Nucleus at the moment (PC) but would much rather spend that kind of money on a control surface which works specfically for the steinberg software ; but for my needs i cant really find any other attractive options (MCU is good , but long in the tooth and can misbehave with new updates.)

If there is enough interest, perhaps steinberg may even reconsider looking at a control surface that takes on users needs and views.

Like you I own a CC121 and I’m actually quite happy with it.
Sure it could be better (mostly the EQ pot acceleration which is ridiculous), but I don’t think I’d gain much from having multiple faders. I certainly wouldn’t find a controller like that worth the €1250 it will probably end up costing. C