Idea: Steinberg Hosting Audio Snippets For Users?

Not clearly seeing the point of this Steve, what would be the purpose? Sort of like Made with Cubase but not public?

regards - R

Don’t know much, but I know …

… Youtube has a “private” channel option - you can give selective access. I guess the only problem might be the subtleties of a nice mix might be lost. But, hey, half the universe is getting their music from youtube anyway, so what’s the dif?

Yes! And some free in-home tutorial seminars and tech support and public apologies for any bugs.

Come to think of it, some wine and cheese would be nice for the lounge, and maybe a big screen TV for viewing
videos would be a nice touch.

Oh, and some trade-in cash for my old Atari computer.


Hard to see a lot of up side for Steiney. There are so many free options for folks to host their songs and paid hosting isn’t that expensive in the grand scheme of seriously making music.

The downside is how to stop people from uploading copywritten music. Could be tough if your’re a daw manufacturer hosting violations

You and me both, I missed that you actually wanted them to store the data… in my case it might have been lack of caffeine!

I’d like a back-rub please! :laughing:

Why would you do that when you already have that option using your own webspace that you already pay for?

Just upload it to Youtube, :slight_smile: