ideal Hardware configuration for ADR

hello !

so we are just waiting for Nuendo 10 demo to come out to test/approve it.
then we have to buy new machine dedicated to it.

in fact our workflow is more Video oriented than pure audio…
our typical usage will be :

  • import HD 1080p footage, around 10Mbs in h264 /.mov or .mp4 (I frames only if necessary, or LongGOP if nuendo permit it with complex scrubbing)

  • use the new ‘video Cut Detection’ feature

  • import audio from this video, as stereo 24b/48khz

  • import a CSV into the ADR module

  • use ADR module to record like crazy all day long. with multiple takes, from narrators in a both. Stereo only.

  • recording through sounddevices usbpre-2

  • apply “audio wall filter” to ADR track

  • side-chain ducking in realtime, to auto-lower the main audio when ADR audio is present

  • manually edit the envelope when necessary

  • use the new ‘audio alignment tool’

  • align manually when necessary

  • exportation audio only :

  • with loudness - mix is using the envelopes :
    (loudness applied to main audio + loudness applied to ADR track) -> mix with loudness applied to it -> stereo WAV 24b/48khz
  • without loudness : simple stereo Mix exported as WAV
  • exportation - rendering for QC by customer
    [upcoming feature]

  • output display in Both for Narrator

  • ideally use a little Blackmagic Card, but since the text overlay font can not be changed it is useless (at least it was in Nuendo 8)

  • so we simply make a Mirror image of the main display

  • it will be SO GOOD THAT :

  • we design our own 2nd view /placing Video + ADR track in custom positions / use it for 2nd monitor

some questions

  • does the GPU is used for video decoding / display?

  • does the GPU is used for video Cut Detection ?

  • does the GPU will be used for Rendering ?

  • storage : i guess best is to have a dedicated basic SSD for OS + another 2TB to handle Video files & all audio recording & scratch

  • does all scratch (meaning thumbnails, audio peak, sessions,…) can be forced to a dedicated drive ?

we ABSOLUTELY need a ROCK STABLE workstation
here is the base configuration :

  • DELL machine, around i7 8700K (6cores/12threads)
    Precision Workstation 3630
    16GB RAM
    256GB SATA SSD (windows 10, multiple users, multiple Nuendo workspaces/sessions)
    2TB third party M2 or SATA SSD
    GPU : Radeon WX 210 or Quadro P620
    Windows 10 Pro 64bits

    any input appreciated,