Ideas about dynamics popover

Hello, just two ideas that could make dynamics input better

  1. It would be nice if there could be an option to automatically add gradual transitions in a passage where dynamic markings already exist. Something like typing “grad” in the popover to convert for instance p ff p into p<<<< ff >>>>p (etc)

  2. In notating dynamics like pp<<<<< ff >>>>>>pp I find myself in many cases having to move the middle dynamic to the exact destination note by using mouse. Wouldn’t it be faster if one could pre-select the destination notes (click+ctl) and then Dorico automatically would create the gradual transitions by placing the dynamic markings under these arrival points?

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  1. Have you tried typing p cresc ff dim p into the popover?
  2. Yes. That’s a good idea.

Yes, I use it. What I am suggesting is an option to add the crescendo / diminuendo hairpins in passages where the dynamic symbols (p, mf, ff etc) already exist

  1. There are only 2 directions it could go, so it seems to me there is not much to automate. I recently rediscovered that you don’t even have to go into note entry to add a hairpin. Just now I confirmed that you don’t even have to select notes: Select, say, a p and an f and type <⃣ and voilà.

  2. I usually enter, for example, p < in one step, then f > pp in another step, so I get everything on exactly the beats I want it.

( … and if you select an existing p and an f you can just type < (without the popover) to get an adapted cresc. hairpin between them… )

Yes @fratveno indeed I am using this option but still it would be nice if one could select multiple staves (vertically) where there are already dynamics (non necessarily aligned vertically) and then just by typing “grad” in the popover hairpins would appear to make gradual transitions.

Generally its not a big deal when we talk about small passages but it makes a lot of sense when there are many instrument/bars.

Also, @Mark_Johnson what I suggest would make sense when there are more than just one middle points (i.e. p < mf > ppp < ff > p). In this case instead of moving each segment one would have predefined it!

It does that already. (Try this. Make a selection of bars using the system track (alt-T). Filter for immediate dynamics. Invoke shift-D type cresc.) This works irrespective of dynamic grouping or vertical alignment.

Yes, it only works for pairs, not whole chains, but it’s darn quick.

Ah thanks, though I use extensively the filter I never thought of this!

It seems that it always starts though with the first dynamic in the selected region and expands to the last (ignoring the intermediate states)

My recommendation is in an passage like the example below one could make all the connections automatically by invoking the popover and type “grad”

Anyway, maybe the dev team will like the idea