Ideas about midi CC automation


After working a bit with the midi CC automation, I would have a few ideas/wishes for the automation workflow:

  1. Recording automation data to multiple tracks at the same time

I would be very effective, if there was a way to record midi CC automation data to multiple tracks at once. I typically first enter the notes and only afterwards use (physical) faders to record the CC automation (3 parameters at once). I wish I could select say four horns, hit rec and make the automation to all of them at once.

  1. Improving “overwriting” of automation data

If I have already recorded automation data and try to record over it, the values I have recorded interfere with the ones I am trying to create. This causes the plugin to go back and forth between the new and old values, making it challenging to hear what’s being recorded. I’m wishing, that the automation recording could be selected to happen in “latch mode” instead of “touch mode”. “Latch mode” meaning that after a certain parameter is touched during recording, the old values won’t affect the playback anymore.

looking forward to the next update!

You won’t be able to record automation into multiple lanes at the same time in the near future, but you will be able to copy and paste automation data between lanes in Play mode soon. Regarding the overwriting of existing data, there are some improvements in this area coming soon too.

Great, I’m exited to see everything that comes with the dorico 3 update!

One feature I really like in the current version, is that by muting the dynamics it is possible to ”create room” for the recorded automation.

I am using an expression map, which is controlling velocity, cc1 and cc11 according to the notated dynamics. This means, that the recorded automation data won’t affect the plugin if there are dynamics in the score. I guess the written dynamics override the recorded automation data (even if it is just a single dynamic at the start of the flow). But if you create a new dynamic marking (or markings) and toggle on suppress playback, it is once more possible to utilize the recorded automation data (on that area)

This way it is possible to rely on the expression maps and only make manual adjustments to the playback where it is necessary. I hope something like this is possible still in the next update :slight_smile:

Something like this will be possible in the next update…

Hi original post Sakasuri!
Thanks for starting this thread.
Do you know where I can get more information about setting up midi recording to take in fader/rotary information for vst instruments that come with different expression slides on their plugin? Is it possible to go into the cc graph and pencil it in? So far, I’ve only been able to do it to velocity, but not like spitfire’s expression slide or reverb… etc. Any tips would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Also, I haven’t been able to even accurately portray any difference in the dynamic graph. Despite putting in some nuance there, it’s not showing in playback the differences. I wonder what could be the problem. I have dorico 3 from february of this year.

If the VST instrument/plug-in allows you to map its parameters to MIDI controllers, then you should be able to record controller data during rea-time recording that will then make its way into the VST plug-in, but you cannot I’m afraid at the moment make any mappings in Dorico itself to translate input from a rotary controller or similar to specific VST parameters. We do plan to support VST parameter automation in the future.

Regarding dynamics, the main thing is to make sure that whatever expression map you’re using for a particular sound, you’ve defined the correct MIDI controller for dynamics.